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Using Data to make powerful decisions

Talking about AI we have a very sci-fi perspective on how our future in hands of AI (Artificial Intelligence) would look like. It makes me think how close are we to make this reality. let's learn.

Now my perspective towards computer-based decisions and their progress has significantly changed over the years as I go deeper knowing and researching about stuff that we usually don't. Through this process I came to know that in recent years we have gathered a tons of artificial computer-based data, here I point towards the data we gathered through our decade long space programs to autonomous cars. And this has its benefits.

Now we are living in an era where technology innovation is maxed out. And now we are having a very powerful tool in our human hands, DATA this simple four-letter word has the power to hold all of the humans in captivity. We are using the data collected in recent seismic surveys to predict future earthquakes, saving thousands of lives. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The data collected through your browsing is helping industries to know what you want. Have you ever wondered why you get online ads of products you were searching for yesterday or have visited the store for. The only point I want to keep here is that now as we have the power of data I want you to think about how we can sustainably use this power for the betterment of our species.

Here are some powerful concepts for which Data-based AI can help, you can discuss these topics in forum sections also.

  • Using cloud computing to make the full use of the public potential for the betterment of their locality like, for a company that wants to expand its business in that specific location or making it simple for healthcare surveys to know more about the locality's mentality.

  • Understanding the economic and social changes happening in society would help us sustaining our steady growth.

Let's now see a marvel of data (It's not CGI)

courtesy:-Boston Dynamics

This is the power of AI learning over 4 years .

Tears of joy ; D We have come so far as a species.

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