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Synchronization- A Natural Phenomenon pt.2

In previous post we have talked about the theory of 'Synchronization of chaos' , and talked about the sync between pendulums . In this post we are going to take a very similar case. And I would better convey this case subject through a video.

Now the Kuramoto Model discussed here is basically used to define the behavior of a large set of coupled oscillators.

The model makes several assumptions, including that there is weak coupling, that the oscillators are identical or nearly identical, and that interactions depend sinusoidally on the phase difference between each pair of objects.

We don't need to go any deeper into this model as it is mostly theoretical and has many assumptions.

But as we try to find reason behind every phenomenon there is any other which undefines it and this leads us to the next part of synchronization series .The 'Fire Fly Effect'.

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