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A telescope with the power of TIME MACHINE.

Hubble Telescope as we know is the only telescope put up in space that allowed us to explore thousands of exoplanets, nebula, and stars. Hubble was launch in the 1990s which means it has become an old man and needs a successor, so our scientists introduced us to the noble JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE.

Hubble will now go to rest in 2030 and Webb would take over. Now, what gives Webb telescope its power? Let's see.

James Webb telescope is a 10 Billion USD joint project by NASA, Canada and the EU. Unlike its predecessor Hubble, the Webb telescope will work with infrared and would allow scientist to see more into the past. You wonder How? Let's go by the numbers.

Hubble has captured the images of stars which have been formed about 380 mln years after the BIG BANG, which for us happed 13.7 bln years ago, well these objects may not exist but we still see their light.

Now James Webb is expected to show us the universe as it was 100-250 mln years after its birth. This would transform our understanding of the fibres of the universe.

The other fascinating thing about the Webb telescope is that it would not orbit Earth instead it would orbit the Sun{L2 position}, creating a 3-D model of the solar system. You can compare Hubble with a magnifying glass whereas James Webb with a microscope.

Isn't it majestic?

Now James Webb telescope is scheduled for launch on 31st October 2021 according to NASA's press release and would take roughly 30 days to start its operations.

And I hope it opens Pandora's box of scientific knowledge and mysteries of the universe.

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