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Behind the Brainstormers

The idea of the Brainstormer website came into existence when on one fine day, I found my mid-school personal book- which was a set of written pages and with two cardboard sheets barely covering the pages. The written pages were about my rubbish ideas which at that time I thought were the creation of my creative mind which will change the world but now for you and most of us will be childish futuristic concepts. But for me, it was a paper of hope and proof of what I  think, was out of the box. Then the thought of creating a space where people like me and others could share what they think of creative and innovative ideas, instead of keeping up to themselves, where it will have no voice and future, came to my mind. What was the best place other than a website? Without overlooking the fact that most of the 21st-century humans favour affording a smartphone rather than a reading book. And finally, I ended up making this website. If you came to this part of reading you are  heck of a reader and patient person.
That's the story of mine. And share yours in the forum section.

Special Thanks To

Its the only thing which got me into web designing and creating my own website. Lockdown gave me the wings of freelancing from my hectic schedule and enabling me to take dive into myself.

A Story: Press Kit
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