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Synchronization - A Natural Phenomenon pt.3

We have come to the last case study of our chaos theory and in this post, we will be learning how unknowingly humans, as well as other fauna, get into sync which we describe as an inherent herd trait.

First of all, I would like you to observe the simulation of fireflies by 'Nicky Case'.

The simulation demonstrates how fireflies synchronize with their neighbour fly to flash which is called 'Self-Synchronization'.

Humans are no special in this case we also propose the same trait as fireflies do and I assure you that you yourself also experienced this effect.

This phenomenon mostly goes unnoticed many times, but now you have gained some knowledge about it, the next time you see this … you would know what has happened.

Here is the proof that this theory applies to chemical reactions too.

I hope that during the series of these posts, you would have gained some knowledge and do try to spread it.

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Utkarsh Vishwakarma
Utkarsh Vishwakarma
Dec 06, 2022

I liked it please post more 🙃


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