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Canon Ip3600 Draiver Skachat

I have windows 7 64 bit with a canon ip3600 installed and wanted to share it to an XP SP3 machine. I copied the windows driver CD (the main folder) for XP to the windows 7 machine and then edited the ini file found inside win2000 and x86 etc. The windows 7 machine said (in its properties) the printer was a "canon inkjet ip3600 series" where the ini file said it was a canon ip3600 series. I replaced every occurrence of canon ip3600 series with canon inkjet ip3600 series (using notepad), saved it and then added additional drivers by pointing at the ini file I had just modified. All worked well and when I connected the XP machine and said install, it did it seamlessly. Thanks

canon ip3600 draiver skachat




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