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It works like this. Each stage of the game is either a labyrinth or a Death Trap (and frequently both). A gate opens somewhere on the level and begins to release lemmings into the stage one by one, who mindlessly walk forward into whatever awaits them, whether it means falling down a Bottomless Pit, into water, fire or lava, or any number of actual traps. Enter you, the player, armed with a cursor and a set of very limited tools for altering the lemmings' behavior. Your task is to make the critters traverse each screen towards a specific exit without letting too many of them get splatted, drowned, scorched, sliced, beheaded, or otherwise killed in the process. The solution to a level could be devilishly hard to find, and until you did, you had to put up with the sight of your adorable little lemmings meeting their maker by the dozen. The bizarre combination of cutesy graphics, mind-bending puzzles, and grisly, relentless death of the pixelated creatures no doubt left many a seventh-grader scarred for life. It's basically a game all about Suicidal Lemmings.

This page provides links to downloadable lemmings files. The list is very extensive, however I still have a few more files that will be posted eventually. Thanks go to Alex at World of the Lemmings for assembling this collection of downloads. Enjoy! Many of the links here are links to other servers, however I have nearly all of these files on my hard drive. If you find any broken links, please let me know, and I will fix them. Please do not link directly to the files on this page. Rather, please link to the page itself ( ). NotesIf no system is given, the files are for PC. Most of the files were found with FTP Search. 153554b96e


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