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Igo 8.3.5 Windows 18 [BEST]

The way in which plugins are called in the command line is also slightly different. For example, if we want to run the plugin pslist to display the running processes in a memory image, we would do so by specifying the plugin name windows.pslist.PsList

Igo 8.3.5 Windows 18

How to check if my navigation has windows ce system? Regularly you can check the settings of your unit, either an in-dash navigation unit or a portable navigation device. If you are able to find a navi path setting, that means your navigation has wince system not android system. Because android system does not need to set navi path. Besides, you should find a sd card slot which is special for GPS maps sd card at the front panel of your unit.

This is easier, just need to copy the entire igo or primo folder into an empty micro SD card, then set GPS path in settings of the windows CE navigation unit, the final path should be igo.exe or primo.exe, then save the settings. Then you should be able to enter into navigation system after you click navi icon from the main menu.

If your aftermarket radio has wince system, you can load igo primo windows ce maps to sd card. As for how to install igo primo maps, please check this post which tells you clearly how to do that. Still got a question? you can also send us an email, we reply emails within 24 hours.

Hello, I have a aftermarked naviceiver (windows cd) in my car. And I have an old version from IGo installed. Now I want to update. Do you have the up to date version, which is avaiable from IGo? And if I understand correctly, I send you 10USD , youll send me the download link. And for installing, I only copy the files to a new micro SD card. Put her into the naviciever, and choose the path where igo.exe is located? Best regards

i need to download igo 8.3.5 for my aftermarket navigation system. i already have maps, but due to some issue my sd card got corrupted and i no longer can use igo on my car. can you please provide a link to download 8.3.5 version or any latest igo version that will be supported on WIndows CE?


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