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PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook

Book DescriptionPostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source database management system with an enviable reputation for high performance and stability. With many new features in its arsenal, PostgreSQL 14 allows you to scale up your PostgreSQL infrastructure. With this book, you'll take a step-by-step, recipe-based approach to effective PostgreSQL administration.

PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook

Who this book is forThis Postgres 14 book is for database administrators, data architects, database developers, and anyone with an interest in planning and running live production databases using PostgreSQL 14. Those looking for hands-on solutions to any problem associated with PostgreSQL 14 administration will also find this book useful. Some experience with handling PostgreSQL databases will help you to make the most out of this book, however, it is a useful resource even if you are just beginning your Postgres journey.

Piotr's first encounter with PostgreSQL was in 1997, and after a short trial period, it became his RDBMS of choice. Since then, he has used PostgreSQL in every server-side project he has been responsible for and knows it well from both the administration and application development perspectives.

Enrique Vidal is a software engineer from Tijuana. He has worked on web development and system administration for many years, and he focuses on Ruby and CoffeeScript development these days.

Chapter 1, First Steps, covers topics such as introduction to PostgreSQL 9, downloading and installing PostgreSQL 9, connecting to a PostgreSQL server, enabling server access to network/remote users, using graphical administration tools, using the psql query and scripting tools, changing your password securely, avoiding hardcoding your password, using a connection service file, and troubleshooting a failed connection.

We'll start with your first connection. Many people fall at the first hurdle, so we'll try not to skip that too swiftly. We'll quickly move on to enabling remote users, and from there, we will move to access through GUI administration tools. 041b061a72


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