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876 IAC 7-5-4 Curricula for brokers under IC 25-34.1-9-11(a)(1)Authority: IC 25-34.1-9-21Affected: IC 25-34.1-9-11Sec. 4. (a) This section establishes the twelve (12) hour per continuing education year continuing education requirement under IC 25-34.1-9-11(a)(1) for brokers.(b) To qualify for license renewal, brokers must have completed continuing education courses approved by the commission in any of the following subjects:(1) The subjects listed in IC 25-34.1-9-11(a).(2) Environmental issues.(3) Ethics and standards.(4) Time-shares, condominiums, and cooperatives.(5) Investment real estate analysis.(6) Any other course approved by the commission relating to real estate practices that is designed to directly enhance the broker's knowledge and skill in providing real estate services.(c) Agency law under IC 25-34.1-9-11 shall be agency law applicable in Indiana.(d) License and escrow law under IC 25-34.1-9-11 shall be licensure and escrow law applicable in Indiana.(Indiana Real Estate Commission; 876 IAC 7-5-4; filed May 22, 2014, 11:50 a.m.: 20140618-IR-876140061FRA, eff Jul 1, 2014)

Irec Won


How to keep real estate license active in Illinois? An active license allows you to transact real estate for others and earn a commission for your efforts. An inactive license says that you have met the state's licensing requirements, but you are not currently authorized to earn a commission for assisting with real estate transactions. To reactivate an inactive broker license, you will need to go to the online services portal. Follow the directions and make sure you indicate a managing broker. Depending on how long you have been on inactive status, you may need to submit a paper application for the reinstatement of your broker license. Log in to the online services portal to place your license on inactive status. If you leave your license on inactive status for five years or longer, you may need to submit a restoring application and additional documentation.

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As applications of Internet technology to the real estate business have increased in number, quality, and acceptance by the public, an increasing number of residential real estate brokerage firms have established "online identities." These Internet websites enable real estate professionals to couple the immediate, direct communication available on the Internet with the experience, expertise, and personal professional advice REALTORS offer clients and customers. There is no question but that such "online identities" are an increasingly integral element in the prospecting and marketing programs of REALTOR firms.

Careful consideration of the issues, technology and the rapidly evolving marketplace led to the NAR Board of Directors approving at the 2000 Midyear meeting refinements to existing policy which authorize MLS participants to display on their websites the listings of other participants, subject to certain requirements and limitations. This policy was revised by the Board of Directors in May and July 2001, May 2005, November 2006, November 2009, November 2010, May 2012, November 2014, May 2015, and November 2015. Most current IDX Policy.

No. A Participant cannot do indirectly what she cannot do directly. Since any Participant can opt out of IDX on a blanket basis, it can be presumed that those Participants who don't opt out are willing to allow other Participants to display their listings - except in those (likely) infrequent instances where a seller specifically prohibits the listing broker from allowing the listing to be displayed by other Participants.

Note: These questions and answers are advisory in nature, have not been reviewed or approved by the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS, and will be updated from time-to-time.


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