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Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 Crackl

Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L - A Powerful and Flexible Broadcast Solution

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile playout software for your broadcasting station or production studio, you might want to check out Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L. This software is designed as an intuitive and powerful multi-format playout solution that can handle any type of media files and live inputs. It works under Windows 7 / 8 and 10 and equivalent Windows Server OS (64-bit only) .


Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L supports resolutions from 8K (7680 x 4320) to 320 x 240 and frame rates from 3 to 120 fps. It can also stream the output to various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Wowza, Vimeo, Facebook and DaCast, with resolutions between 4K and 360 x 288 . You can use up to four video inputs and four video outputs, depending on the capability of your devices. The supported devices include BlackmagicDesign, NDI and UDP .

One of the main features of Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L is its flexible and intuitive timeline, which allows you to easily manage your playlist, insert commercials, switch between live video, trim clips, create templates, add logos and more. You can also edit the properties of each segment, such as duration, transition, audio level, etc. You can also group multiple segments into a collapsible group, which can be nested for multiple levels .

Another feature of Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L is its advanced audio module, which allows you to set up to 16 audio output channels and apply real-time audio loudness normalization. This feature ensures that your audio has a consistent and predictable level, without compression or distortion. You can choose from different normalization standards such as EBU, NTSC, YouTube or custom settings .

Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L also comes with a conformance recorder module, which allows you to record the output of the playout in two profiles simultaneously. You can choose the format, codec, resolution and bitrate of the recorded files .

If you want to learn more about Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L, you can visit their official website or watch their video tutorials . You can also download a free trial version from their downloads page and test it yourself.

Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L is a broadcast application with a client-server architecture that can meet your playout needs in a professional and efficient way. It is suitable for 24/7 playout for news, music and movie channels, allowing to insert commercials and to switch between multiple live video . Whether you are a small or large broadcaster, Magicsoft Playout Ver 4.5 L can offer you a powerful and flexible broadcast solution.


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