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I wouldn't doubt that the party (or for that matter any governmental authority)-particularly the western equivalents to the PLA and the KMT-would have some sort of interest in looking for and physically eradicating Khmer Rouge cadres, even if their deaths were delayed. The bottom line is that preventing the return of the hard core authoritarian personality is as important as eliminating their idiosyncratic capacity for violence.

Some of their leaders live in a cultish state of mind though. I was told once by a former NPA member that I was assured of victory and even guaranteed to attain the rank of General en-route to the government, and that the only thing standing in his way was the life of his high-ranking (supposedly far less corrupt) rival. All he had to do was threaten to file said rival for abuse of power on weapons charges sometime in the distant future, since he was no longer in the NPA and thus not under the direct control of the government.

That was interesting...and horrifying. There was no way for the victims to realistically hope that someone in the NPA would listen, let alone act. That they did not want to is irrelevant: The party had given up due process, and it had created a literal and figurative puppet state. Their system was legal through a gruesome of "commander-and-the-authorities", ipso facto effective dictators.

On the other hand, it was easy to see how their system had been a source of recruitment for Khmer Rouge thugs in the early stage of the movement. How many peasants in Cambodia joined the NCP in the first place? How many of those joined its armed wing, the KCP, as "recruits"? d2c66b5586


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