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Holdemresources Calculator Key


This page provides information about our use of your personal data on the website and the related services, such as our desktop software HoldemResources Calculator. If you have any questions or requests regarding this policy or our processing of your personal data, please contact us via or through any of the other contact options listed here.

Purchased keys are valid for two active installations. The license system will attempt to detect inactive installationsautomatically, so hardware replacements usually don't require any additional actions.If you receive an error message regarding too many active machines, contact for a manual reset.

You can access the subscription management at "Help: Registration: Manage Subscription" directly inthe software. A link for subscription management is also included in the order-confirmation mail.(In case you lost your link, please contact for assistance.)

In his latest video, Gareth James takes a look at the brand new HoldemResources calculator, and comparing it with the Simple Preflop Holdem tool. He runs through a spot analysing ranges from both tools, looking at the differences and similarities 153554b96e


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