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Love Dil Patang


Love Dil Patang

'Dil Patang' is a love story where Sahir (Mantra) tries hard to earn his living and win his lady love's heart. Sahir is an old delhi boy, born and brought up around Jama Masjid. Loves to fly kites and play cricket. Family circumstances and his ladylove pushes him to get...&nbspthe best out of him. What unfolds and how he gets gripped in a madness is what 'Dil patang' is all about.

Madhavi "Madhu" is an orphan living with her maternal uncle, who arranges her marriage with someone she does not know. Blinded in love with Kailash, she runs away on the day of the marriage. She discovers Kailash with another woman, Shabnam. Heartbroken and dejected, she returns to her uncle, who had committed suicide from the humiliation. Realising that she has no one in life, Madhavi decides to leave town and head somewhere. She meets her childhood friend Poonam, who tells her about her husband's untimely demise in an accident and that she is on her way, along with her baby boy Munna, to stay with her in-laws whom she has never met before. Poonam manages to compel Madhu to accompany her as her plight is pitiful.

Madhu leaves Kamal's home in shame and reaches Poonam's in-laws. Her father-in-law, Dinanath and mother-in-law accept her and let her stay there. Kamal keeps visiting the house as he was the son of Dinanath's best friend. Soon, he realises that he is in love with "Poonam".

Life is unpredictable, just like kites. Kites are beautiful and of various forms and colors. Love is formless. The beauty of love is the way it is painted on the canvas of life. This movie is the canvas of Parul and Vineet. What are the colors of this canvas Watch this short film to explore.

An ambitious crown prince named Wang Won harbors an extreme thirst and ambition for power. As he desires to conquer, his childhood friend and bodyguard Wang Rin and the beautiful daughter of a rich man Han EunSan begin to shape his destiny. The three become inseparable friends, until turmoil brews when both Won and Rin fall in love with EunSan.

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In cinema, the kite-flying festival has given rise to many songs, some of which show the festival on screen, while others merely compare life and love with kites (Kites, Patang, Kati Patang and so on, or the song Meri zindgai hai kya ek kati patang hai (my life is a kite with a broken string) from the last-mentioned film).

This is a song enacted on stage by lead players Vyjayanthimala and Pradeep Kumar, and the song compares the string attached to the kite as the bond that signifies the love between the two sweethearts. The hero and heroine exhibit the pulling of the kite-strings within their dance movements.

The festival was shown in its colorful and vibrant splendor in this Sanjay Leela Bhansali extravaganza as an ecstatic and lovelorn Salman Khan dances, while the lyrics are a symbolic portent for the future.

The film based on the Partition of India and Pakistan had at its base the love story between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl, and this song was a background number with the two lovers, with the Muslim boy teaching his ladylove how to fly kites.

It was, however, with Do Badan in 1966 that she managed to prove herself as an actress. It was a tragic love story cast in the Laila-Majnu mould. It gave her scope to prove herself as a serious star. In the song sequences, Jab chali thandi hawa, jab jhuki kaali ghata, mujh ko aie jaan-e-wafa tum yaad aaye and Lo aagayee unki yaad, woh nahi aaye, she could show poignancy and the pathos, which set her apart as an actress. 153554b96e