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Tharu Kirana: The First and Most Trusted Sinhala Astrology Software in Sri Lanka

Tharu Kirana: The First and Most Trusted Sinhala Astrology Software in Sri Lanka

Tharu Kirana is a software that provides accurate and easy to use astrological services for Sinhala speakers. It has been trusted by professional astrologers in Sri Lanka since 2006 and has been continuously evolving with the feedback of its customers and experts. Tharu Kirana is not just a software, but a living astrology system that reflects the ancient wisdom and modern techniques of Sri Lankan astrology.

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Tharu Kirana offers a variety of features and benefits for its users, such as:

  • Generating horoscopes based on the Krishnamurti Paddhati system and the Krishnamurti Prashna chart (1-249)

  • Displaying planetary positions, zodiac signs, planetary aspects, asta grahas, special lagnas, special spudas, sarvato bhadra chakra, sudarshana chakra, surya chakra, brihat chakra, guru chakra and dasas (yogini/vimshottari dasa including deha and antara dasas)

  • Matching porondams based on 20 porondams, 10 porondams, ashta koota, kuja dosha, vish kanya yoga, etc.

  • Providing vaastu tips and guidelines based on vaastu shastra and printing reports

  • Adjusting time zones and daylight saving time automatically using Google Maps for any location in the world

  • Showing video tutorials and detailed explanations for each feature

  • Giving free updates and customer support

  • Offering money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase

Tharu Kirana is the oldest and most active Sinhala astrology software in Sri Lanka with over 10 years of experience and trust. Thousands of satisfied customers and professional astrologers testify to its reliability and accuracy. Tharu Kirana is not a software that generates astrology without understanding the principles. It is a software that was created with the guidance of experienced astrologers who follow the authentic methods of Sri Lankan astrology. Tharu Kirana is more than a software, it is a friend who helps you to discover yourself and your destiny.

If you want to buy Tharu Kirana online, you can visit their website[^1^] or contact them directly. You can also download a free version of Tharu Kirana - Vaastu from their website[^2^], which has only one type of chart. The full version of Tharu Kirana - Astrology is not available for free download. You can get it for a reasonable price with free updates and customer support.

Don't miss this opportunity to get Tharu Kirana, the first and most trusted Sinhala astrology software in Sri Lanka. Order now and get ready to explore the unseen factor of the seen world.

Tharu Kirana is not only a software for personal use, but also a tool for professional astrologers who want to provide quality service to their clients. Tharu Kirana allows you to print horoscopes, porondam reports, vaastu reports and other astrological information in a neat and attractive format. You can also customize the reports with your own logo, name and contact details. Tharu Kirana helps you to save time and money by generating accurate and comprehensive astrology reports in minutes.

Tharu Kirana is also a software that helps you to learn and improve your astrology skills. Tharu Kirana has a built-in video tutorial system that explains each feature and function of the software in detail. You can also access a wealth of astrological knowledge from the website of Tharu Kirana, where you can find articles, books, videos and other resources on Sinhala astrology. Tharu Kirana is a software that supports your astrological journey from beginner to expert.