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Guzheng Vst [April-2022]




Guzheng is a Chinese zither, also known in English as a Chinese lute. The instrument is believed to have originated in the state of Song (from 10th to 13th centuries) and was later taken to the dynastic capital, the city of Kaifeng, in the 12th century. It has been used in folk and classical music in China since that time. Introduction The instrument is produced by yamabe of Japan, or by Jomax. It is similar to a Japanese harpsichord, but is typically smaller and less loud. There are two principal varieties of guzhengs; the older ones being the smaller, older model, and the newer being larger with more and higher strings. Lyrics and notation Guzheng lyrics in Chinese use a 16th-century dialect. Each verse consists of four to six lines. Lyrics are written in the (or a mixed) fourth form of a traditional Chinese language. The Chinese "music notation" system consists of four or five vertical lines representing pitch. Vertical lines are written at the beginning of each line to denote the beginning of the line. The spaces between lines represent rests. Guzheng melodies and rhythms are written using four signs. Two of them, the dash and the shou, are considered to be the most important. The dash () stands for the sound of the strings and can be represented by the dotted quarter note in Western music. The shou () stands for the beats of the measure. It is a horizontal line with a dot in the middle representing the beat. The two other signs represent the rests. These are a colon and a semi-colon. The colon stands for a half note, and the semi-colon for a rest. The lines and columns are used to represent the melody of the song. The melody of the song is represented by the lines, and the time signature (for example, triplets) by the columns. In some cases, the guzheng may also be used as a guitar, and is even more common as a plucked instrument. Playing styles The guzheng player may play a single or two at a time. For standard music, he or she plays quarter notes in a five-line staff, usually while sitting cross-legged, and usually holding the instrument between the knees. The neck of the guzheng may have between 16 and 30 frets. It




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Guzheng Vst [April-2022]

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