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STARSHIP Program - Our Future


The shiny fine piece of steel-alloy you are seeing is a state of the art tech. Which for most of our current generation is equivalent to the ship of Columbus but for space

whose pioneer is Elon Musk. Whose dream has led us to see this reality. The starship Program was started to expand human civilization to other planets and especially mars. The engine development began in 2012 and the first starship was out by late 2020.

Let's Talk

The foundation of Starship Program was originally laid , to save humanity from a potential extinction event . He {Elon} said and I quote "Settling other planets would place some of the eggs in other baskets, Sparing human civilization if one of them were to experience a cataclysm." And this seems like a legit plan , and that vision led many and inspired thousands to works towards multi planetary human settlement .

Starship Overview

At launch, the spacecraft, called Starship, will sit atop a rocket called Super Heavy. Making it 120m tall spacecraft. The super heavy is out from production but yet to be tested.


The day I am writing this post SN15 is all stacked up at STARBASE and I can only hope it makes history

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