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Note: The narrator for this story is Salva, the main character. There are other narrators in the story, but this story is told by Salva (so you know you're getting the real deal).

We had over 100 people participate in this book. It was a remarkable group! Each one of them brought something special to this book, and I am so grateful for their participation. My hope is that you too will have the opportunity to share this book with your kids- and that you'll be inspired to do so!

More on the Story: I had a great time reading this with my kids. Salva, the narrator, is a Sudanese boy who has been lost and alone for years. He sets off on foot to get home, traveling through West Africa and the Middle East. Along the way, he stays with human smugglers, goes into a number of disreputable situations and has a couple of unexpected adventures. I learned a lot about the refugee crisis and the issues involved. I also learned a lot about my own family's history, which is deeply important to me. Also, I've always been a sucker for stories set in Africa, so this was a treat.

Fear. That word. It is everywhere in our society. It affects everything from your relationship to your job to your family. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown. It creates anxiety, stress, and feelings of panic. And fear of the unknown, it leaves you in a state of paralysis. You can't move forward. You don't know what to do. You can't make a decision. You can't even cry out for help. All you can do is sit there and wait for help to come. And in the end, help does come. But the story never ends well. In fact, it's often tragic.

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