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Buy [BETTER] Full Length Mirror

The full-length mirror can be obtained from either Nook's Cranny for 3,600 Bells or the Paradise Planning office for 3,200 Poki. The item's frame can be customized by Cyrus at Harv's Island for 1,700 Bells.

buy full length mirror

1. Modern Glam Large Full-length Floor Wall Mirror 2. Gleaming Primrose Mirror 3. Emmy Black Floor Mirror 4. Estelle Floor Mirror 5. Selene Extra Large Floor Mirror 6. Arched Metal Mirror Full-length Floor Mirror

Beloved EHD contributor Malcolm Simmons is always surprising us with his unexpected and refined designs. In his bedroom reveal, he created a curtain wall so he can choose to hide his full-length mirror if needed. Now I know I am making a case for showing off these bad boys, but this genius hack offers the best of both worlds (cue Miley Cyrus). You can unveil the mirror to check yourself out or simply open up the space, or close the curtains to make the space more quiet and relaxing. SO GOOD. If you want to try this out, here are some of our favorite wall-mounted mirrors:

What a great idea. I am finding that I only really like gallery walls that rely on a strong element of uniformity, whether through size, color palette, medium, or subject (e.g. I vaguely remember seeing a collection of vintage seascapes in gilt frames in a post here). I had never considered a gallery of mirrors, though, and I am going to tuck that idea away for future use.

We recently did a renovation in our bedroom/primary bathroom. We are fortunate enough to have a walk in closet that had a traditional swinging door. It was in the way all the time. We replaced it with a sliding door, and installed a full length mirror on the side that is in the closet. It is so convenient! The only place we would have had room to lean a mirror against a wall would have been right beside the bed. Gulp. No. Lol!

A full-length mirror not only allows you to see yourself and your outfit better while also helping a room appear larger and brighter. Full-length mirrors come in several different sizes with a variety of frames and mounting systems. If you want to be able to see a more complete reflection of yourself and your outfit or add a special touch to your space, then a full-length mirror could be the solution for you.

A full-length mirror is a mirror that is usually several feet taller than it is wide, allowing someone to see their full height through their reflection. They work the same as any other mirror. However, due to their size, these mirrors can reflect a greater amount of light, brightening up a space. As a result, it also reflects more of your room, making it appear larger.

The price of the full-length mirror depends upon its size, frame material, and quality. Flimsy mirrors with a thin, plastic frame can cost $7. Large mirrors with high-quality metal frames could cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars. There really is something for everyone and every budget.

There are several options available to you when it comes to full-length mirror frame materials and shapes. Some people choose full-length mirrors that have a mirrored frame. The frame could be made out of a high-quality metal such as silver or copper. The frame could even be made of wood or resin but with a metallic finish. Some people prefer the wood look and others go for simple particle board, aluminum, or a fabric frame.

A high-quality wood or metal frame could drive up the cost compared to frames with a metallic or wood finish. Plastics and low-quality wood are often the most inexpensive options, but you trade off durability, which could be the right choice for you depending upon your lifestyle. For more information about how to maintain your new mirror, click here.

Full-length mirrors are often rectangular or rounded in an oval shape, but you can choose a more ornate or uniquely shaped frame. The only thing to keep in mind is that if the frame is not rectangular you are more limited in how you mount the mirror. Click here for more information about mirror frames.

This large scale, ornate scroll mirror style totally took over the interest last year. The mirror comes in 4 different sizes and 3 different colors. You could grab a huge 7-foot gold accent mirror for your entryway or a smaller wall mirror for above the fireplace.

This gold baroque wall mirror from Pottery Barn Teen is one of the most affordable Anthro mirror dupes. It's under $300 and fits perfectly on top of your fireplace or on a wall - It's perfect for smaller spaces like the studio apartment I live in.

For under $300, this darling mirror looks amazing on fireplace mantles as an oversized statement piece. Its frame is crafted from a blend of engineered wood and resin, with a golden finish and subtly ornate detailing for a feminine, vintage look. It's not a floor length mirror but it does have all the vibes of Anthropologie mirrors without the price tag.

This Anthropologie mirror dupe Wayfair find is probably my favorite steal. It's SUPER similar to the Gleaming mirror but literally a fraction of the price. It's lightweight and easy to hang, but I prefer leaning it on a table, floor or fireplace to draw attention to those spaces in style.

This gorg arch top mirror is a bit pricey, but it's a few hundred dollars less than the Anthropologie wall mirror version. The Amelie Wall Mirror is a little over 4 feet tall (close to the 5-foot tall Gleaming Primose mirror size) but only $600 instead of $850. It features a traditional French design with floral-and-vine detailing. It has a bit of that French vintage style that goes with so many home decor interiors, so it's a smart choice. I think it also looks a lot like the hobby lobby Anthropologie mirror dupe but you don't have to go to Hobby Lobby for this one.

This is NOT an affordable dupe mirror, but since I just chatted about the Arhaus Amelie Wall Mirror up above, I felt like I had to touch on the Amelie Grand Floor Mirror. This baby is huge and super similar to the Anthropologie large floor length mirror. The Arhaus mirror dupe is very spot on in size and style (and also price, it's about the same price as the Primose Mirror). So, if you really had your eye on this OG mirror but it's out of stock or you want something slightly different than everyone else, splurge fo the full size for the best Anthropologie mirror dupe floor-length on the market.

These Kirkland mirrors are a super affordable Anthropologie full length mirror dupe. This one is 3.5 feet tall but only $130! Compared to $500 from Anthropologie. Such a steal! There's also another Kirkland mirror style thats really similar and even more affordable. The Antique Gold Victoria Scroll Mirror is only $80!

Ok hear me out on this one. Yes, I know it doesn't have that beveled accent mirror design going on but it is huge AF and gold. So many of the Anthropologie dupe mirrors are smaller in size, but this one from Urban Outfitters has that large grand scale you're looking for. It's actually large than the Gleaming Primrose mirror! But it's only $400 instead of $1600. SCORE.

This is my favorite Anthropologie mirror dupe Amazon find. It looks SUPER similar to the Gleaming Primrose mirror -- it's tall, wide, gold and has all the little ornate details you want. But it's under $200 and sometimes you can even ship it on Prime! Such a great steal, especially since Anthropologie is currently backed up on mirror orders for months. You can redecorate your apartment on a budget but in style! ( PS this mirror is also available at Home Depot sometimes). I add this one all the time to my holiday gift guides for the blog since it's such a fabulous, affordable option.

An Anthropologie gleaming primrose dupe from... Anthropologie? YES! There are a LOT of Anthropologie mirrors in their home decor section and the Wood Manor Mirror in the Rabbit style is super similar to the smaller sizes of the Gleaming Primrose mirror! It has that baroque ornate features and sits nicely on a fireplace mantle, but isn't as expensive for your house.

I own the World Market Anthropologie mirror dupe which is really tall and slim. It looks amazing in my apartment and is always such an eye catcher. It's only $300 and I know it's going to last me a lifetime. It doesn't have ornate details, but I love that. It makes it easy to style in any room!

If you're looking for large round decorative mirrors that have ton of personality, this one is for you. I adore how it's mottled with antique accents to make a classy style oversized ornate mirror that you can picture anywhere from a modern living room to a castle. With the feet, it also stands off the ground a bit so it's easy to vacuum and keep clean. Oh, and it comes in SO many different colors! If you're looking for a floor mirror silver colored or even pink (for real) they have it.

A full length mirror is a useful home accessory that serves three purposes. First, a full length mirror has a practical purpose. You use it to check yourself, your whole outfit before leaving the house. Second, it is a decorative item which can help enhance the style of a room. Third, it makes a room look larger and brighter.

Tip #1 Consider the type of full length mirror. Full length mirrors are available in two types: leaning mirrors, and cheval mirrors (those which come with stands). Leaning mirrors are stylish and beautiful used as a focal point in a room and is a great statement piece to have. A cheval mirror is flexible since it is easier to move around the house compared to a leaning mirror. You can swivel it from its frame, enabling you to adjust the surface reflected by the mirror.

Tip #2 Think about the size and shape. There are slim, tall full length mirrors and there are large sized ones. You can save some of your budget if you get a narrow mirror, this mirror also makes your reflection look slimmer and skinner. This is used for checking hemlines on a dress or gown. For a more accurate reflection, get a mirror with a proportionate size. You can ask your local mirror shop to custom size a mirror for you. 041b061a72


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