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Saajan Ka Ghar: A Tragic Tale of Love and Sacrifice

Saajan Ka Ghar is a 1994 Indian Bollywood film directed by Surendra Kumar Bohra. It stars Juhi Chawla and Rishi Kapoor in pivotal roles. The whole film revolves around Juhi's character, Laxmi, who faces many hardships and challenges in her life. Juhi has once again proved her acting talent in the film. The song Sawan Aayea Badal Chaaye and Babul De Do Duaa were the most popular songs of the movie. The movie is a remake of 1988 Rajasthani movie Bai Chali Sasariye. The film was declared a semi-hit at the box office.

Plot Summary

The Dhanrajs are blessed with a daughter. However, during childbirth, Dhanraj's wife dies and he blames his daughter for his wife's fate. He refuses to see her face and remarries. His daughter, Laxmi, grows up to be a beautiful woman who's ignored by her father and abused by her stepmother. The only person who stands by her is her half-brother, Suraj.


Laxmi soon gets married to Amar, an army officer. Dhanraj dies in an accident soon after Laxmi's wedding. His wife and son lose their property and are forced to move out of their bungalow. In the meantime, Laxmi, who literally cannot get a break has a miscarriage. The doctor tells Amar that Laxmi will die if she gets pregnant again and carries that pregnancy to term. Amar decides not to tell anyone about this, including Laxmi, so as to spare her the grief. However, Amar's mother starts plotting her murder when Laxmi doesn't conceive even after recovering from the miscarriage. She decides that Laxmi probably cannot have children anymore and chooses the most obvious course of action: murder.

But before she can carry out her plan, Laxmi overhears Amar talking about the miscarriage and its affect. She decides to have a child even if it kills her. She taunts Amar and the latter is so provoked that he forgets that his wife will die if she gets pregnant. He spends the night with her. Later, he is horrified at what he has done. However, instead of consulting a doctor or convincing her to get an abortion he goes off to duty.

While he is away, Amar's mother throws Laxmi out of the house. Laxmi takes shelter in Suraj's house, who has now become a successful singer. Suraj tries to protect his sister from Amar's mother, who hires goons to kill her. Laxmi gives birth to a baby boy in Suraj's house and names him Saajan.

Amar returns from duty and learns about his son. He rushes to meet Laxmi and apologizes for his mistake. He also confronts his mother and disowns her for trying to kill his wife and son. He takes Laxmi and Saajan to his house and promises to take care of them. However, Laxmi's health deteriorates due to the complications of childbirth. She dies in Amar's arms after expressing her love for him and their son.

Cast and Crew


Laxmi KhannaJuhi Chawla

Amar KhannaRishi Kapoor

Suraj DhanrajDeepak Tijori


Mr. DhanrajAnupam Kher

UncleKader Khan

Mrs. Dhanraj (as Bindu)Bindu Desai

Mrs. Kamla KhannaShobha Khote

Mr. Ram Khanna aka 'Ramji'Alok Nath

Gita DhanrajAnjana Mumtaz

Mrs. Shanti DhanrajBeena Banerjee

Dilip K. Bose (as Johnny Lever)Johny Lever

Mohnish BehlVicky (Guest Appearance)

TejaTej Sapru

DirectorSurendra Kumar Bohra

WriterAadesh K. Arjun

Music byNadeem-Shravan, Score: Shyam-Surender

Reviews and Ratings

Saajan Ka Ghar received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the performances of the lead actors, especially Juhi Chawla, who portrayed the suffering and sacrifice of Laxmi with grace and dignity. Others criticized the film for being too melodramatic, predictable and clichéd. The film also had some controversial scenes, such as Laxmi's taunting of Amar and Amar's rape of Laxmi. The film has a rating of 4.2 out of 10 on IMDb.


Saajan Ka Ghar is a film that depicts the tragic story of Laxmi, who faces many difficulties in her life due to her father's hatred, her stepmother's cruelty, her husband's ignorance and her mother-in-law's evilness. The film shows how Laxmi sacrifices her life for the sake of her son, Saajan, who is the only source of happiness for her. The film also explores the themes of love, family, loyalty and destiny. The film is a remake of a Rajasthani movie and has some popular songs by Nadeem-Shravan. The film is a semi-hit at the box office and has a cult following among Juhi Chawla's fans.


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