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Facebook Social Plugin Widgets

One of the quickest ways to get the word out about your online products or blog posts is to implement social sharing buttons on your website. This way, users read a blog post, then click on the Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest share buttons to let other people know about it. The Shared Counts plugin allows you to implement this functionality on your own WordPress website.

facebook social plugin widgets

Yoast SEO may not seem like a Facebook plugin to some, but it actually has some excellent features for improving your Facebook posts from WordPress. A big part of the idea behind Yoast is to attract more visitors from SEO organic traffic but also from social networks. It does this by optimizing your posts and ensuring that your content is appealing when shared on Facebook and other networks.

In some of the other Facebook sharing plugins, the total share count is accumulated for all of the social networks. Social Warfare breaks it down so that users see exactly how many of those shares were to Facebook or some other networks.

The accepted answer works for me only the first time that page is loaded, but after the browser is resized or I change from landscape to portrait in mobile devices the Facebook Plugin (version 3.2) doesn't adapt to my container. The solution for me was just check the Adapt to plugin container width, and add a listener to know when the page is resized then I remove the facebook iframe and load it again.

Many social media plugins allow you to show social icons in sidebar, below article, before article, and so on. You need to decide how you would like to display them on your site and if the plugin supports that option.

Shared Counts is a fast and easy-to-use social media plugin for WordPress. It comes with a limited number of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Yummly, and LinkedIn.

All in One SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin used by over 3 million websites. Aside from helping you optimize your WordPress site for higher SEO rankings, it also helps you optimize your website for social media.

Nextend social login plugin works with all major WordPress registration & eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, and even the default WordPress login & registration forms.

We hope this article helped you find the best social media plugin for your WordPress site. You may also want to see our ultimate step-by-step WordPress SEO guide for beginners, and our comparison of the best push notification software.

The good thing about WordPress is that you have many options. If you feel uncomfortable using one solution, then you can always find another one and give it a try. For example, this article includes 10 other social media plugins that you can use.

Of course, sharing buttons are just the beginning of the nifty social media bells and whistles you can decorate your site with. Each of the major social media sites (and plenty of the minor ones, too) offer an array of customizable widgets and plugins you can place on your own site that allow you to do things like display some of your recent postings, encourage people to follow your social media accounts, allow visitors to your site to register or comment using their own social media accounts, and much more.

We have facebook buttons, twitter buttons, linkedin buttons, google+ buttons, stumbleupon buttons, younameit buttons. These social network buttons and widgets are creeping up the internets like the plague. Sometimes even with cool javascript popups which obscure content if moused over.

The Revive Social plugin is another one on our list of the best social media plugins that you should check out if you want to get into marketing automation. It lets you automatically share your WordPress content to your social media.

What makes this plugin special is its simplicity. All you need to do is paste a shortcode anywhere on your website to display the social feed. And whenever you add a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the album automatically updates.

The plugin is super easy to use as well. Just create a social feed, add your source, customize the design, and then embed the feed on your website. It also lets you set up moderation and auto-updates the feed whenever you add a new picture.

Adding social media icons to WordPress using a widget is the more advanced method that requires code editing. However, this method gives you more flexibility. You can use the icons as you see fit and place them in the sidebar or footer widgets.

Elevate your social media strategy this year. Using WordPress social media plugins, you can integrate website content with your social networks, increase your reach by adding social share buttons to your site, streamline your feeds, and much more.

In this article, we will look at some of the best WordPress social media plugins for social sharing, auto-posting, feeds for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and social media instant messaging widgets.

Add social share buttons, follower counters, subscribe forms, and live chat functionality to your site with this WordPress social media plugin. One of the most powerful social media packs for WordPress, this plugin offers you total flexibility. With more than 55 templates, automatic display triggers, and full integration across the most popular social networks, you get everything you need to boost your shares, increase your followers, and grow your mailing list in a single plugin.