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Singer Futura Ce 200 Software For Windows 7

If the program included with the Futura is on a CD then it must be installed via the CD. You will have to purchase a CD reader if you do not have the drive. Compucon says you cannot move the program to a USB stick. You also must use the Futura that was intended for the software. If you install a more recent software on you computer and plug in an older futura you will loose a lot of the software and option features not intended for the machine you are using. ( some newer Futura now come with the program on a USB.. XL580, XL420)

singer futura ce 200 software for windows 7

Hi there, I've had the CE-100 since November and love it. I have done towels, pillows, burp rags, t-shirts jeans and fleece on it with no problems. One thing to remember is that when you do towels, fleece etc is to use a water soluble topping. It helps keep the stitches from sinking into the pile. As far as differences between the 100 and the 200 the only difference is in the number of decorative stitches. They are the same otherwise. There are alot of people who own the 200 who would get the 100 if they had it all to do over again. There is a yahoo group dedicated to singer futuras with lots of helpful guidenace that I have found is a god send.Deb

Hi,I am new to embroidering, just got a CE-100 real real cheap but did not come with the original software...does ANYONE know where to buy or download the original software? Have been searching singer site and many many others but cannot find the ORIGINAL software to purchase, or better yet to download for free. Can anyone please help me? Thx


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