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ControlMyJoystick Activation Code

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If you would like to build Keysticks yourself, here is the latest source code: (15.0 MB, MD5 hash473e73050f9b1d56cf0bdabb03288e96). Keysticks is released under the Eclipse Public License v1.0.

I've attached cut together views of the UI that show the two different setups. The modes setup uses a mode for each "shift key" that gets activated as long as the corresponding shift key is held down. This activation is achieved via the "Temporary Mode Switch" action. The shift modes don't have anything special in them which is why they are nicer to use when binding many inputs with shift modes. The conditions setup requires no additional modes, however, a condition is added to each input and requires specifying the condition on every input. For example omitting the conditions on the basic input "press f" would cause "f" to be sent even when a shift button is pressed. For this reason I find that implementing shift modes via conditions only really workable if not many keys require it, as otherwise the amount of clicking in the UI gets annoying.

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