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Teamviewer 12 Free BETTER

TeamViewer 12 is a modern application that allows its users to initiate a remote access to different devices. The application is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows App devices. With a wide range of useful functions, the program offers top-quality software within all its versions. Download free TeamViewer 12 right now and try the newest app with a full package of features right now!

Teamviewer 12 Free


TeamViewer 12 is an absolutely free utility that is free for personal use. You can download, install and setup the program within a few moments, since it has a convenient and understandable design with all the needed tools available at hand. The app has no trial period, so you can easily use it as long as you need. Not to mention, the program has been already used by millions of users on billions of different kinds of devices in many countries, making the app famous all over the world.

I am using TV 12 and my partner uses the same version. But I still can not connect to my partner pc. When I try to connect partner PC, an error message comes "Reason unknown". Since this is my trusted pc and I have added my partner's id/password in my teamviewer. Can you please guide me how i can connect?

TeamViewer 12 is available immediately for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile and Chrome OS devices. The described feature set may vary depending on the operating system. Additional information and a software download are available at -version/. For commercial and corporate use, TeamViewer offers different licenses tailored to meet the specific needs of small and large companies. More information can be found at As always, for personal use in a non-commercial environment, TeamViewer software remains free of charge.

When installing, you can select Default installation, as we'll set up unattended access shortly. TeamViewer is free for personal use, so select Personal / Non-commercial use for the second box and hit Accept to install.

You can use TeamViewer's free mobile remote control apps to control your desktop from an Android or iOS device. It's obviously not ideal to control your desktop from a small smartphone screen, but it's a nice option to have in a pinch. With unattended access set up as above, you can connect anytime you need.

TeamViewer has a lot of other features that are intended for business use. While most of these are unavailable in the free plan, anyone can use it to meet. Jump over the to Meeting tab on the left sidebar to create a new presentation, video call, or phone call. You can also join someone else's meeting using an ID here.

I occasionally need to connect to my work computer from home. I was using TeamViewer for a few years now. However, after latest update the "Disable remote input" and "Show black screen" are unavailable. I was cool with reconnecting every so often (thank you for using TV, this was a free session...). However, missing on those functions is a deal breaker. I've tried to rollback to older version, but it worked exactly once (and even if it worked, I still got the "not included in plan" message). Doesn't work since. And I've tried several older versions of TV 12. It seems it is linked to account rather.

I can't find any info on TV website what is this - a feature or a bug, I mean. TV free supposed to be not limited, but it clearly is. The only question of TV forum on that is unanswered for quite a while now. I would like to know what is the deal? Is this functionality available (as per documentation) or not (as per reality). Or is it a bug? Or maybe it's linked to program configuration?

Most companies measure which features of their product are most commonly used. In order to "encourage" free users to buy their product, they might have decided to discontinue those features in the freemium version. I'm not saying that this is the case, but it is highly likely "the deal" here.

UltraVNC is a free and open-source remote access software that allows remote control of other computers. You can use this remote desktop tool to work on a remote computer from any geographic location.

[German]The Teamviewer may be used free of charge in a private environment. Apparently, however, there are always false alarms claiming commercial use and the software is then blocked, although users are running Teamviewer for private purposes.

I am retired in IT and now I am a sort of free helpdesk for older people who cannot pay for commercial help.Because I cannot going out anymore I use the Teamviewer to help around 25 people from behind my desk at home.Almost every 6 month I get that stupid message that they think I am a commercial user and every time a send them a message that I am not.Why is there not a good administration for this at the Teamviewer office.

Every year they start to block me. Even my usage has not been changed. I only connect to my own computers that is logged in with my teamviewer account. I don't even use it that much, and most of the time it's on my internal network.

TeamViewer 12 Latest Version Free Download can also be put into use for files sharing too. The free Teamviewer 12 latest version is available only for non-commercial users. It also allows the establishment of the connection of the user with any other user worldwide

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Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $3.99 per monthPlatform: WindowsVisit Website4. DWServiceIf you are looking for a free and open-source alternative to TeamViewer, DWService is the best option out there. Much like Chrome Remote Desktop, you can use DWService to connect to any platform through a web browser. All you have to do is install the agent on the host computer, and you can access the client machine just like that. The best part is that it also brings file transfer via the browser, shell access for Linux systems, resource monitor, text editor, and more. I used the service on my Chromebook and Windows 11 PC, and it worked flawlessly. Talking about security, it uses the same SSL security standard used on the web for real-time communication. And similar to TeamViewer, you have security features like 2FA for protecting the remote connection. To sum up, DWService is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives that you should definitely check out.Pros