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The audio on my Vizio television goes out when CNN goes from commercials back to regular programming, or switching from premium cable channels to local channels. In order to receive audio, I have to turn the tv off, then on again.

Download channels 25802580 plus m3u

The audio on my Vizio E48-DO television was going out when CNN goes to commercials or any other channel. All of a sudden audio goes out but picture stays. Spectrum went digital and they gave me a box to see digital channels. Problem stats right after that. I got it straightened as follows. First download app of vizio smartcast in your cell phone and pair the tv with it. find out the remote functions in it. Go to settings. Go to audio. Make sure it is on beatstream . Another thing make sure you put speakers on ON. once this is done it works like a new tv. Hope this help someone.

VIZIO with WALLY (Dish network) hooked up via HDMI would lose sound, when sometimes changing channels. The sound emblem on the TV showed as it being turned up. (however, No Sound) If you tinkered with it, you could eventually get it to work, but it would quickly happen again. The funny thing is, it worked fine for over a year, nothing changed or adjusted, then just started doing that. WEIRD Anyway, I discovered this: 041b061a72


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