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3d Reviewer Tetra 4d Crack

3D Reviewer Tetra 4D: A Powerful Tool for 3D CAD Data Visualization and Collaboration

3D Reviewer Tetra 4D is a high performance native CAD viewer and mockup tool that allows you to easily interact with components and assemblies from over 20 major CAD formats. It is included FREE with the purchase of the Tetra4D Converter and Tetra4D Enrich, which are products that enable you to create 3D PDF documents from any CAD file.


With 3D Reviewer Tetra 4D, you can access native CAD files, including precise geometry, without requiring the CAD application. This can save you time and money by enabling non-CAD users to easily access 3D CAD models for visualization and design review purposes. You can also perform various operations on the CAD data, such as measuring, comparing, modifying, editing, exporting, and more.

Key Features of 3D Reviewer Tetra 4D

  • Access to assembly structure, native CAD views, PMIs, meta-data

  • Execute design review operations based on exact geometry

  • Accurately measure parts and assemblies, including minimum distances between components

  • View and calculate cross-sections

  • Calculate bounding box with dimensions

  • Calculate physical properties (volume, mass and center of gravity) of parts and assemblies

  • Analyze draft angles

  • Compare 2 versions of a part

  • Combine heterogeneous CAD data in the same document

  • Modify materials, textures, colors and lighting

  • Move parts and save as a new CAD view

  • Create exploded views

  • Create technical Illustrations (high resolution raster screenshots and vectorized screenshots)

  • Export CAD files to neutral and standard formats (3D PDF, STEP, JT, 3MF, Parasolid)

Uses of 3D Reviewer Tetra 4D

3D Reviewer Tetra 4D can be used for various purposes in different stages of the product lifecycle, such as:

  • Part and assemblies viewing

  • Design review

  • Work instruction preparation

  • CAD data translation

  • Requests for quote or proposal

How to Get 3D Reviewer Tetra 4D

To get 3D Reviewer Tetra 4D, you need to purchase either Tetra4D Converter or Tetra4D Enrich, which are products that allow you to create 3D PDF documents from any CAD file. You can start a free trial of either product from their respective pages [here] and [here]. You can also contact Tetra4D for more information about their products [here].

Once you have purchased or trialed either product, you can download 3D Reviewer Tetra 4D from your Customer Portal or Partner Portal. You can also find more details about the latest release of 3D Reviewer Tetra 4D, import and export formats as well as systems requirements [here]. If you have any issues or questions, you can visit the Support page for documentation and videos, or contact Tetra4D directly [here].


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