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Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook: How To Transform Your Tablet Into An Android Device


Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook: How To Transform Your Tablet Into An Android Device

If you own a BlackBerry Playbook tablet, you might be wondering if there is a way to enjoy the features and apps of the Android operating system on your device. The answer is yes, thanks to the Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook app. This app allows you to run a simulated version of the Android Honeycomb interface on your Playbook, giving you access to a variety of Android apps and widgets. In this article, we will show you how to install and use the Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook app on your tablet.

Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook


What is Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook?

Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook is an app developed by Haus of Maus, a team of Android enthusiasts who create apps and games for various devices. The app is designed to emulate the Android Honeycomb interface on the Playbook, which is the version of Android that was optimized for tablets. The app does not replace the native operating system of the Playbook, but rather runs on top of it as a launcher. This means that you can switch between the Honeycomb and the BlackBerry interfaces at any time.

The app offers several features that enhance the user experience of the Playbook, such as:

  • A customizable home screen with multiple panels and widgets

  • A dock bar with quick access to apps and settings

  • A notification bar with system information and alerts

  • A Honeycomb-style app drawer with categories and filters

  • A selection of Android apps that are compatible with the Playbook

  • A web browser with tabs and bookmarks

  • A file manager with access to internal and external storage

  • A settings menu with options to customize the launcher

The app also supports gestures and keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control. For example, you can swipe from the left or right edge of the screen to switch between panels, or use the volume buttons to zoom in or out.

How to install Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook?

To install Honeycomb Launcher For Playbook on your tablet, you will need to follow these steps: