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Stories Of Pig Fuck A Woman

She read a couple of fictional stories and a couple of things from women fucking pigs that sounded made up. Then she clicked on a hit for a HD video of a woman taking on a pig. God, the woman was attractive and the action was in a controlled setup. The hog cock was clearly inside the woman and cum was pumped into her and then ran out in large amounts.

Stories Of Pig Fuck A Woman

It was a fitful night for Valerie and her thoughts about her plan for Curley as well as fitful during the time playing with the girls, preparing dinner, and spending the evening with them and her husband. The TV was on and she was sitting with her husband and a lap full of kids, but her mind was on another kind of sex other than the usual man/woman.

Finally! A beautiful morning. Her husband had gone to work and Valerie and just walked to the bus with her kids. Waving to the bus driver they gave each other a look that can be attributed only to a man and a woman that had been fucking each other. It had been a couple of weeks since Dale had sneaked through the woods to bury his cock in her and leave her full of seed. That only happened after a phone call when his wife was going to be away for a few hours.

The slow rhythm fuck was taking the young wife and mother to unimaginable places. The pulsing and gently prodding pig dick was tangled up in her vagina searching for a way into her womb. Valerie was trying to move with the pig penis in an attempt to get it started into her deeper.

Curley ventured off this time. Valerie realized that it had been an hour and a half since the bus had left for school with the kids. Curley was a pretty clean animal, but the young wife smelled like a pig had fucked her. Valerie dressed to get back to the house, Putting her clothes directly into the washing machine she patted her pussy finding it wet but absolutely not leaking. The pig gel plug had sealed even the second load in her.

She felt content. Being so loaded with sperm gave her a relaxed and well fucked feeling. She got up from her bed and walked around naked from room to room. She went into the bedrooms where the girls slept. Thinking about her babies she caressed her swollen tummy as she looked around the rooms where her children played and slept.

Valerie loved the fullness of her womb. She was starting to trust the spongy plug that the pig had left in her cervix. She went to the master bedroom. A wedding picture of her and her husband was on the nightstand by the bed. Family pictures with the kids were on the dresser. From her inner sanctum it was hard to believe the fuck of her life happened in the barn.

She had a weird dream. She was out in the lot by the barn, tummy over a tree stump. Curley had fucked her and dozens of other pigs were mounting her, too. Each would fuck into her and fill her with pig sperm. Her husband was running around telling them to quit fucking his wife. One would cum in her and the next would follow immediately and shove the next pulsing, spurting cock into her.

Other moms waited near their cars to pick up their children. Nancy came over for some chitchat. A few months back Nancy had confided that she had cheated with a man that had a much bigger cock than her husband. Valerie had done some cheating of her own and let herself be a little too interested in a stranger with a big cock. Nancy was more than happy to share details and even offered a phone number if she wanted to fuck him. The number was still hidden at home in her dresser when hubby would never look.

Soon her husband was snoring. Valerie reviewed the events of the day knowing she would fuck the pig again soon. Five billion pig sperm active inside her for 24 hours and some lasting up to three days. Her finger traced her twat to finally settle on her clit. A couple of minutes teasing her clit sent her into an orgasm with a slight moan escaping her throat.

The day progressed into night and to bedtime. Mark, her husband, seemed interested in a little pussy. By then Valerie really wanted to fuck him. After all another roll in the bed with him would affirm that Curley kept her sealed up tight. After taking another enthusiastic fucking she was still sealed up tight. Cum ran from her, but it was all from Mark. He seemed proud to claim the new glow from his pretty wife.

Valerie had all of the two foot hog penis into her vagina, through her cervix and was now pulsing, twisting, and cumming in her womb. In addition to the undulating motion pig cum was pumping into her. Not the fertile stuff yet. Curley was still working on unloading the thin, sterile fluid into her. His cock was firmly planted in her, The eight inches into her vagina was pushing the rest of the sixteen inches past her cervix. All that twisting, curling cock was flinching around in her uterus. There was very little physical movement from Curley, just his cock spasming inside her fleshing out her very womanhood with pig penis and constantly flowing pig seed.

Curley was almost motionless as he worked his cock inside her. He would squirt almost a half quart of pig cum in her uterus before sealing her cervix with the last load that would make the spongy plug. Valerie would cum time and time again while he completed the cycle. The milky, thicker seed had entered her as he planted another 5 billion sperm in her before sealing her up. Lost in time Valerie hoped the feeling would never end. Between the fucking and the flooding of her uterus was absolutely euphoric with desire.

Valerie made no effort to move from under the makeshift bench. Even if she could she would probably be on unsteady legs. Curley was still grunting around the barn. He came by twice to sniff at his handiwork. Would he make a second coupling with the pretty human mother and wife like he had the last time? Valerie gave him time because she really wanted him to fuck her again.

Valerie felt filled, smug, satisfied, and content. Her uterus must have been more acceptable to the pig cum. It felt more expanded and taunt. A feeling Valerie liked very much. She went to shower the pig and sex smell off before picking up her daughter from school. She admired her figure in the mirror. He tummy was larger. Not by much, but noticeable to the pretty young mother. She ran her hands over it in the showers with the washcloth and soap. She felt like she did when cleaning up after some of her adulteress affairs that Mark never had a clue about. Nothing had ever felt as good as Curley fucking her.

The pig grunted and trotted towards her. When he saw her get out the table and padding he began to grunt excessively. This violated her three day experimental rule to see what happened after he fucked her. Seeing her husband and kids drive away triggered something very primeval in her. Valerie stripped her clothes and positioned herself to get bred.

The short pause came as Curley moved slightly as the breeding semen started to squirt into her. Valerie loved it. Unlike her husband and other men she had fucked there was no hurried pace at the end when they would cum in her. Although she would have already cum by then there was no rush to catch up to cum when they did. And, no sweat or activity. Curley held steady in her and pumped her full of cum while his cock flipped around inside her womb.

Life went into a pattern. Sex a couple of times per week with her husband. A couple of quickies from time to time with the right person if the opportunity and desire arose. But, for certain a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday fuck with Curley in the barn. Valerie was constantly infused with some of his pig sperm making her belly poke out.

By the time her youngest was in high school Curley was feeling the years. He and Valerie continued fucking three and four times per week. Finally on an afternoon after good hard fuck Valerie checked on Curley an hour later. He had died under the apple tree.

Every woman wants to feel attractive. There isn't a point in a woman's life from the moment she first realizes she's not a boy to the moment she's lowered into the ground that she doesn't want to feel desired. They want to be told with words and with actions. Its true of every woman on the planet and a lot of men fail to really understand that it needs to be constant. Just because you've wrapped two months salary around her finger in the form of metal and transparent rock isn't the same as her feeling your eyes creeping hungrily over her flesh. Three decades and as many children isn't the same as bringing home a single flower, even a dandelion from the front yard and stumbling through a sonnet and failing horribly to find a word that rhymes with hazel.

She'd only spoken to him twice, she'd called his cell phone from a pay phone. It was too risky otherwise. They couldn't risk regular phone calls. It wouldn't be safe for either of them. She had her family, two sons and a daughter, the youngest of whom was six months two weeks and three days older than her new lover. Then there was the chance that her husband would answer the phone and the last thing she wanted to do was explain why an eighteen year old who'd only graduated high school the week before was asking for Debi. The same problem would happen if she called him though. He had two siblings, both younger who would wonder why a teacher was calling their brother. Either that or his mother, a woman four years younger than Debi would answer the phone and then immediately alert the police to the cradle robber's intentions with her innocent son. The phone calls they had managed were from pay phones to cell phones on days when entire families had other arrangements and even they'd been short.

That was what he demanded she call her womanhood. It was a cunt, it was his cunt to be more specific. Debi's fingers slipped beneath the dress gliding over his cunt and whimpered. She'd trimmed her pubic hair before but she'd never shaved it bare before. It was surreal to be running fingers over something of his but that was exactly what she was doing as her fingers glided over his cunt. She'd shaved it bare, spending half the afternoon in her oversized step down bathtub meticulously shaving every single hair from her body. Debi had peeled her cunt open making certain go get the hair hiding there and even found some closer to her asshole. Closer to his asshole, he owned her body and today he was planning to inspect her and she had to impress him.


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