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Where To Buy 97 Lean Ground Beef

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Ground beef primarily is made of lean protein and fat. You might see "80% lean," "90% lean," or "93% lean" on ground beef packages. "Extra lean" ground beef is at least 90 percent lean protein by weight.

As shown below, a 3-ounch serving of 90% extra-lean ground beef has less fat, more protein and fewer calories per serving than 80% lean ground beef. The amount of iron and zinc is slightly higher in leaner ground beef.

Side by side, both 93% and 85% lean ground beef have slightly more protein than turkey of the same fat percentages for about the same number of calories. Beef also has less total fat, but turkey contains less saturated fat than beef.

The leanest available ground beef comprises 95% lean meat and 5% fat, while 99% fat-free turkey is available. Unsurprisingly, fat-free turkey has over 45 fewer calories and much less fat and saturated fat than 95% lean beef per serving.

Ground beef and ground turkey are both nutritious. On the surface, it may not seem like one is healthier than the other when comparing the protein and calorie contents of cuts of similar fat percentages.

If you have heart disease or are at high risk of developing it, ground turkey may be healthier for you than ground beef. Turkey has approximately one gram less of saturated fat, compared with beef of the same fat percentage (1, 2).

Additionally, choose lean cuts of either meat, such as 93% lean and 7% fat ground turkey or beef. Although, 99% fat-free turkey is the leanest option of all, with less than 1 gram of saturated fat per 3 ounces (85 grams) (6).

Neither ground beef nor turkey is distinctly healthier than the other. Still, fat-free turkey may be the best choice for weight loss and heart disease, while fattier cuts of beef may offer more in a culinary setting.

This extra lean organic grass fed ground be is made from one of the leanest cuts of beef--the round. Perfect for those recipes requiring extra lean beef or for folks who are simply after the protein and enjoy low-fat beef. This is 97% or more lean, a leanness percentage that's difficult to find in most stores. Note that this beef is really LEAN and not recommended for the grill, as it will dry out.

Ground beef is packaged and sold in a variety of leanness levels ranging from "70% lean" to "95% lean" or higher. These numbers indicate the percentages of lean meat versus fat that your grind is composed of. 80% lean meat contains 20% fat, 90% lean meat contains 10% fat, and so on. That's why you may also see this expressed as, for example, "80/20" in the case of 80% lean meat.

The fat content of meat is critically important in cooking because it can drastically alter the flavor, richness, moisture, and texture of your finished meal. A common mistake for new cooks or first-time grill owners is to simply buy the leanest ground beef available ("Higher numbers means better, right"), but matching the right meat to the right meal will result is tastier, better food. Here's how to choose:

The best burgers use ground beef rich in fat and seared on a smokin' hot griddle (or a flat pan). The extra fat prevents each patty from sticking and, of course, adds a ton of flavor. This is the most delicious ground beef blend widely available yet, ironically, the most affordable. By law, no pre-packaged ground beef can have more than 30% fat, but there's always custom grinds at your local butcher.

Extra lean ground beef is typically ground sirloin, and it's great for recipes that call for layering lots of other flavors on top of the meat. Tacos, for example, often call for draining the fat away from browned ground beef, so why pay for all that fat in the first place Just buy the lean stuff. Meatballs simmering in marinara sauce are another great example, same for blended meatloaf which you'll mix with fattier meat anyway.

The Beef Checkoff Program announced that Extra Lean Ground Beef (Ground Beef that is at least 96% lean, 4% fat) is now certified by the American Heart Association to display its recognized and respected Heart-Check mark. Retailers now have the opportunity to help identify eight different extra lean beef items as options for part of an overall healthy diet to their shoppers using one of the most trusted nutrition icons on food packaging today.

Laura's 96% Lean Ground Beef is certified Heart-Healthy by the American Heart Association. Our ground beef NEVER receives added hormones or antibiotics, and is fed a vegetarian diet bringing you premium quality extra lean beef that is raised the way nature intended. With less than 5 grams of fat per serving, Laura's 96% Lean Ground Beef contains no additives and no artificial ingredients - providing a balance of taste and nutrition.

Our products are shipped frozen from a facility located in Kansas City, Kansas, the best location for ground shipping within the continental U.S. Thanks to Kansas City's optimal location, we are able to ship almost anywhere in the continental U.S. within 3 days via Ground Service. (See our complete shipping policy HERE)

Wondering which cuts of beef are the leanest Check the label. The labels on cuts of beef are considered nutrition claims, so they're subject to government regulations. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates whether cuts of beef can be labeled as "lean" or "extra lean" based on their fat and cholesterol content.

Note that you might see grades of beef (Prime, Choice and Select) on meat packages. Beef grading is a voluntary program that manufacturers can use to judge the perceived quality of their products. Beef grades are not the same as the "lean" and "extra lean" labels.

If you still have questions about which cuts of beef are lean or extra lean, ask your butcher or grocer. If you're dining out, ask the restaurant server or chef for recommendations for lower fat options.

Even if you choose lean or extra-lean cuts of beef, don't go overboard. If you want to include beef in your diet, do so in moderation. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that adults eat no more than a total of 5.5 to 6 ounces (156 to 170 grams) of cooked lean meat, fish, shellfish or skinless poultry a day.

So happy that this lean version is available in individual packs. It tastes as good a the lean ground beef from the butcher and saves me from driving an hour to get it. Getting it shipped straight to the house by the case is awesome! Very fair price also.

A number of consumers make decisions concerning ground beef purchases solely on leanness. Others base their decisions based on leanness and price, balanced by the ultimate intended use. Regardless of your decision criteria, ground beef is an economical source of available nutrients. The total calories, protein, and fat, along with available iron and zinc levels is shown below for a 3 oz. broiled serving cooked well done.

Raised right in America - PERDUE Fresh Ground Turkey Breast is an extra-lean kitchen staple, giving ground beef a run for its money! Ground turkey breast is loved by many health-conscious cooks for its wide range of uses and nutritional profile. This ground turkey is recipe-ready and a smart swap for ground beef in meatballs, pasta, tacos, and casseroles.

Raised right in America - PERDUE Fresh Ground Turkey Patties are a lean kitchen staple, giving ground beef a run for its money! Ground turkey is loved by many health-conscious cooks for its wide range of uses and nutritional profile. These ground turkey patties are ready to throw on the grill and a smart swap for ground beef patties.

Raised right in America - PERDUE Fresh Ground Turkey (85% Lean) is a protein-packed kitchen staple, giving ground beef a run for its money! Ground turkey is loved by many health-conscious cooks for its wide range of uses and nutritional profile. This ground turkey is recipe-ready and a smart swap for ground beef in meatballs, pasta, tacos, and casseroles.

Learn how to cook ground beef the right way so it stays juicy and delicious even after you pull it out of the freezer. Good in so many recipes, makes dinner prep a breeze, this one is a shelf cooking win for sure!

There are so many different things you can do with cooked ground beef. We're talking anything from nachos, to shepherds pie, to cabbage soup! It really is so versatile. Having some precooked meat ready to pull out of the freezer at a moments notice makes meal prep so quick and easy!

We'll show you how to cook the perfect ground beef, every single time, so it's ready to toss into whatever recipe is calling your name! Make a big batch and freeze for later use. You'll thank yourself next time taco Tuesday rolls around and your meat is already cooked to perfection.

Shopping for ground beef can be overwhelming when there are so many choices! There's ground beef in trays wrapped in plastic and then there are chubs sealed in a plastic tube-like wrappers that come in all sizes from one pound to fifteen. Not only is there a variety of packaging, each package comes in multiple grinds ranging from 97% to 75% lean. What is a shopper to do!

If you want the leaner grind but can't stomach the higher price point, we have a pro tip trick for you! Once your ground beef is cooked (but not seasoned), drain off the excess fat (grease) and then put the beef crumbles into a fine colander. Rinse the cooked ground beef lightly with warm water to wash away some of the extra fat. It may sound strange, but it works!

We love ground beef SO MUCH because it is a shelf cooking dream! It freezes beautifully and will last for 3-4 months in your freezer, just waiting to be dumped into a delicious pot of soup or reheated and seasoned for taco salad. By freezing the ground beef unseasoned, it allows you to use it in any recipe! 59ce067264


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