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Sigmanest 9.1

Sigmanest 9.1: A Powerful CAD/CAM Nesting Software

If you are looking for a software that can optimize your material usage, machine motion, and productivity for various cutting, routing, or punching machines, you might want to check out Sigmanest 9.1. Sigmanest is a leading CAD/CAM nesting software that supports a wide range of machines and operations, such as laser, plasma, oxyfuel, punch, combo, waterjet, router, knife, multi-process, and multi-axis. In this article, we will introduce some of the features and benefits of Sigmanest 9.1 and how it can help you improve your fabrication process.

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Intelligent Nesting

One of the main advantages of Sigmanest 9.1 is its intelligent nesting algorithm that can automatically sort parts into tasks by material and machine, and optimize the material utilization and machine motion. Sigmanest can also account for various factors such as part rotation, mirroring, open contours, weld gap, hold downs, clamps, repositioning, bevel cutting, and secondary processes. According to SigmaNEST, most customers save more than 4% on material when switching to Sigmanest. Moreover, Sigmanest can reduce pierces and cutting time, which can increase the machine capacity and efficiency.

Powerful Inventory Management

Sigmanest 9.1 also offers a powerful inventory management system that can track your stock and remnant material status and cost. You can easily identify customer consigned sheets or reserved inventory, and search sheet, part, and work order lists. Sigmanest also promotes a First-In First-Out approach to help maintain lean inventory. Additionally, Sigmanest can integrate with your existing ERP/MRP systems to ensure accurate sheet quantities and data synchronization.

Versatile CAD Import

Sigmanest 9.1 can directly import any major 2D and 3D CAD file formats for easy part creation. You can also use the built-in SigmaNEST CAD module to create and edit geometry with various tools such as point, line, rectangle, obround, arc, circle, corner geometry, offset geometry, etc. Sigmanest also provides smart time-saving features such as automatic part cost and cutting time calculation, interactive mapping, desktop mapping, grain direction control, auto text insertion, corner loops insertion, etc.

Easy NC Programming

Sigmanest 9.1 can also generate NC code for your profile cutting machines with ease. You can use the Auto NC feature to automatically apply lead-in/out types and positions, common cut sequences, crop cuts, tabbing options, NC fillets, etc. You can also use the Manual NC feature to edit the NC code with various tools such as insert/delete/move pierce points or segments, change lead-in/out types or positions, add/edit/delete text or comments in NC code, etc. Sigmanest also allows you to post programs to your machines with a single click.

Comprehensive Reporting

Finally, Sigmanest 9.1 can provide you with comprehensive reports on your nesting performance and productivity. You can choose from various report templates or customize your own reports with the information you need. You can also export the reports to PDF or Excel formats for easy sharing or printing.

In conclusion, Sigmanest 9.1 is a powerful CAD/CAM nesting software that can help you optimize your material usage, machine motion, and productivity for various cutting machines and operations. If you are interested in learning more about Sigmanest 9.1 or requesting a free demo, please visit the SigmaNEST website.


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