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Witness To Surrender By Siddiq Salik Pdf 24 'LINK'

Witness to Surrender by Siddiq Salik PDF 24: A Review of the Bestselling Memoir of the 1971 Bangladesh War

Witness to Surrender by Siddiq Salik is a memoir of the 1971 Bangladesh War, also known as the Liberation War of Bangladesh, from the perspective of a Pakistani army officer who was captured and held as a prisoner of war by India for over two years. The book was first published in 1977 and has since been reprinted several times, most recently in 1997 by Oxford University Press.

Witness To Surrender By Siddiq Salik Pdf 24

The book is divided into 24 chapters, each corresponding to a day of the war, from December 3, 1971 to December 26, 1971. The author narrates his personal experiences and observations of the events that led to the creation of Bangladesh as an independent nation, as well as the atrocities and sufferings of both sides. He also provides insights into the political and military strategies, blunders, and dilemmas of Pakistan and its allies.

The book is widely regarded as one of the most authentic and unbiased accounts of the war, as the author was a witness to both the Pakistani and the Bangladeshi perspectives. He does not shy away from criticizing his own army and government for their mistakes and failures, nor does he spare the Indian army and the Mukti Bahini (the Bangladeshi guerrilla fighters) for their excesses and violations of human rights. He also acknowledges the role of external factors, such as the US, China, Russia, and the UN, in influencing the outcome of the war.

The book is not only a historical document, but also a literary masterpiece. The author uses a simple and lucid language, laced with humor and irony, to convey his emotions and thoughts. He also employs various literary devices, such as flashbacks, dialogues, anecdotes, quotations, and poems, to enrich his narration. The book is full of vivid descriptions and details that bring alive the scenes and characters of the war.

Witness to Surrender by Siddiq Salik PDF 24 is a must-read book for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and politics of South Asia, especially the 1971 Bangladesh War. It is also a compelling story of courage, survival, and humanity in the face of war and violence.

The author of the book, Siddiq Salik, was a brigadier in the Pakistan army and the director of the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) in Dhaka. He was one of the few senior officers who survived the Indian air raids on December 3, 1971, and remained in Dhaka until the surrender on December 16, 1971. He was then taken as a prisoner of war by India and kept in various camps until his release in April 1974.

The book is based on the notes and diaries that he kept during his captivity, as well as his memories and reflections. He wrote the book after his return to Pakistan, with the aim of presenting a factual and balanced account of the war to the public. He also wanted to correct some of the misconceptions and propaganda that were spread by both sides during and after the war.

The book has been praised by critics and readers alike for its honesty, objectivity, and literary merit. It has also been translated into several languages, including Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic. The book has been used as a source of information and inspiration by many scholars, journalists, writers, and filmmakers who have studied or depicted the 1971 Bangladesh War.

In conclusion, Witness to Surrender by Siddiq Salik PDF 24 is a remarkable book that offers a rare and candid glimpse into the 1971 Bangladesh War from both the Pakistani and the Bangladeshi perspectives. It is not only a valuable historical document, but also a captivating and moving personal story of a soldier and a prisoner of war. It is a book that deserves to be read by anyone who is interested in the history and politics of South Asia, as well as the human cost and consequences of war. d282676c82