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In Sabotage, Police Inspector Sean Oliver (Stallone) is tasked with retrieving a stolen painting from a high-powered gallery. During the mission, however, he is detained by the very gallery owner whom he is stealing the painting from, only to discover his partner has the same painting back and has switched. Soon, Oliver and his partners must find the switch, not only to clear his name, but also to save a child he had rescued from the hands of a sadistic and deranged toy maker who wants to make toy soldiers to start burning down orphanages and replacing the kids with soldiers to use in wars. In the end, he sacrifices his own life to prevent the toy maker from committing the same crime he did.

Before his feature film debut, director Uwe Boll first made a name for himself trolling video-game fanatics on the Internet with ultra-violent movies like Postal, BloodRayne, and Army of Darkness. Those movies remain his best known, but it’s because his last project, 2004’s Face Off, may have been the most infamous failure of all time. Basically, held together by a strong performance by our hero, Annette Benning, it’s a constantly looping and nightmarish exercise in self-parody and distorted logic, in which two teams of men (each outfitted with full body armor, a gas mask, and a bandana to catch vomit in) are sent into a high school to rescue a group of kidnapped children by blowing everything up.

While Face Off is unforgettable in its ineptitude, it’s actually Boll’s best film--it’s 2009 opus Inglorious Basterds which is widely regarded as the king of all 20th Century Fox-released motion pictures. It’s an almost perfect picture, and while it never lives up to its deservedly legendary status, I’d still argue that it’s the best American World War II film ever made. d2c66b5586


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