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The Legend Of The Bone Sword RPG GUI

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The Legend Of The Bone Sword RPG GUI

Weapons are essential if you want to progress in this game, as weapons are needed to kill enemies. Most weapons can be obtained through in-game chests and boss drops, however some can be bought through gamepasses. Any weapon that can not be obtained through a chest or dropped by a boss cannot be upgraded, they are knows as special weapons (except the wooden sword which can not be sold/dismantled as well). In order to upgrade, materials need to be obtained by dismantling other weapons.

Upon joining the game, the player will be spawned at a spawn location in a large open area where the player will be given the default weapon, a wooden sword. Their first objective will be to defeat goblins. Defeating goblins gives the player XP and gold. Gaining XP levels the player up. Upon gaining enough levels, the player will be able to access the next area. The player must continue this process of defeating different NPCs in each area, leveling up and gaining gold, the player can spend gold on buying new armor, bows, swords, staffs, and spells.

There are many swords in the game. Every boss drops one. There are also swords the player does not gain from killing bosses, but there are very few of those. Some swords dropped from bosses have a percentage chance of dropping, for example the True Bone Sword has a drop chance of 1% from the Immortal Bone Lord. In most cases, but not all, the swords do more damage the higher level the boss. The player can buy certain swords from the shop, but all swords in the shop are obtainable through the level 5-100+ trail at spawn by defeating the bosses in each of the areas, except for the Mithril and Adamantium swords. 59ce067264


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